What is Sparrow?

Sparrow is a platform that allows you to create charts and reports that visualize your data. Users can use our chart builder to create embeddable charts, or can select one of community templates to host a full dashboard/presentation that is powered by their data

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Powered by creators

Our platform can support templates created by individuals such as yourself. Using basic HTML/CSS/JavaScript and our JavaScript SDK, you can create very powerful dashboards or presentations that are powered by data. You can list your creations on our marketplace for free, or work with us to sell your template to the Sparrow customer-base.

Have an itch for the pen?

Expand your own personal audience by writing a post to be shared on the Sparrow blog. Guest posts get features on our blog and sent out in our newsletter and social media channels. Any topic on Marketing, Sales, or Sparrow is fair game!

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Come and join us as Creator

Build an audience

Build your audience

Find new clients for your business by creating free templates that showcase your abilities.

Share your knowledge as a creator

Show off your knowledge

Demonstrate domain expertise by contributing to the Sparrow blog (and yes, you can backlink).

earn extra cash as creator

Earn extra income

Let users find you through your work or let us send you customers that are looking for custom templates.

Join a community as a creator

Join a community

Join our Slack group to stay up to date on all Sparrow news and share tips and tricks with fellow creators.

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