All your marketing and sales data in one place

Keeping track of marketing and sales performance can be a real time-suck. We created a tool to fix that.

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Staying data-driven as you scale
shouldn't be a time-suck

The old way

Checking analytics manually

Let's be honest, you're probably not checking analytics as often you think you should be doing. We understand. Each tool has a different analytics page and you have to login multiple times to see your data. It's exhausting.

  • Login to multiple marketing and sales tools
  • Copy and paste data to spreadsheets to compare data across tools
  • Repeat the same manual process to get the latest data
Our way (the right way)

All your analytics in one place

With Sparrow, you only need to login once to see all your marketing and sales data. Easily keep track of your marketing campaigns through our dedicated dashboards or through Google Sheets with our Google Workspace

  • One place to see all your marketing and sales data
  • Sync your data directly to Google Sheets, Slides, and more
  • Always see the latest sales and marketing performance data

Get your time back with Sparrow

Leverage Sparrow's suite of features to build efficient data-driven processes
All Your analytics In one place

Login to only one platform to see all your marketing and sales performance.

Sync your data to Google Sheets and Slides

Leverage our Google Workspace add-on to sync your metrics directly to any document you create with Google.

Embed charts anywhere

Easily design charts and embed in your website or tools such as Notion, and more.

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Pull in data from the major marketing and sales platforms
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"The interface is easy to use and the reporting features make my job 100x easier."
Madeline Michaud
Founder of Blue Spec Marketing

Easily manage teams and permissions

With our Teams plan, you can share access to data sources across unlimited teammates, clients, and contractors.

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